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Katharina Graunke

Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Graunke

Diploma-Biologist (MSc Biology)

2001 - 2008 Study of biology at the Technical University Munich
Majors i.a. zoology, animal ecology and behaviour
Awarded "passed with distinction"

2008 - 2010 Research assistant at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Skara
Section of Ethology and Animal Welfare

2010 - 2013 PhD candidate at the Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology
Department of Behavioural Physiology

2013 - 2015 Executive director of the Network of Competence of Agricultural and Nutritional Research PHENOMICS at the University of Rostock

Since 2013 Owner of Bellos Dolmetscher (dog's interpreter)

Do not hesitate to contact me, even if you do not speak German. My English and Swedish is fluent and I am happy to give lectures and advice in those languages as well.

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